Setting Up This Blog

I’ve been in search of a way to combine the multiple passions and interests I have into a sensible online presence for myself.

I create brands for a living, and one of the major tenets of branding is consistency.

While I do consider myself a professional when doing that for other companies, I admittedly struggle with doing it for myself.

Of course, I should give myself some slack. The main reason for the struggle is probably because: people aren’t brands.

I know there’s a wave of “personal branding” happening, but at best, it’s temporary.

People can’t stay locked into one thing indefinitely. People evolve. People are dynamic. People rarely stay the same.

Brands are more static. Brands have staying power.

Brands are powerful because of single-minded messaging. If a company wants to create a new message, they usually create a new brand.

That tangent aside, I recognize the power and opportunity in establishing a personal presence online, and I want to be able to solve for it.

“My creative explorations are what add color and texture to my life and persona.”
— Ish Holmes

As much as I love business and problem solving, my creative explorations are what add color and texture to my life and persona. I’d like to be able to highlight (or at least capture) the things I create and do to round out my experience and stay sharp.

So I’m starting this blog.

The minimal design allows me to create some form of visual consistency, while the category feature allows me to organize my thoughts and expressions in separate buckets.

I struggled to accomplish this on other social platforms because of the timeline orientation.

In my real life, I jump from business strategy to creative direction. I go from photo and video to painting and cooking. I go from deep study to teaching and writing.

And I switch subject matter within each of those categories.

Multiple business industries. Fashion/Portrait/Corporate/Wedding/Food photography. Abstract painting and cartoon sketches. Graphic design. International cuisine. Personal development and entrepreneurial curriculum.

It feels completely normal to me, but when I assess my presence on social, it feels scattered and unfocused.

I’m hoping this blog will help channel and combine all of these things in a meaningful, impactful way.