An Abstract Distraction

Sometimes, the daily humdrum of life needs to be shaken up with a little color.


Even though my professional work is creative in nature, and even though I very much enjoy it, there’s still a void left to be filled with my own personal creative work.

Yesterday, I took a break from the monotony to just paint and sketch. It’s actually been quite awhile since I’ve done either, so it felt really good.

I went to Hobby Lobby for some new paint and markers, and I was really drawn to these fluorescent colors. The first two pieces came as a result of experimenting with the texture and overlay of the paints. I’m not formerly trained in this, so I was just having fun.


The last was a rough sketch of the “When They See Us” movie poster, featuring the Central Park 5. I won’t talk about how angry the actual movie made me. I was having a good day, but this movie was still at the top of my mind.


The sketch was done with Micron pens and Copic markers.