I’ve got quite a few tricks up my sleeve.


This is probably my “bread and butter” talent right here. I’m absolutely surgical with a camera in my hand. I’ve enjoyed a long career as a photographer in Atlanta, and was fortunate enough to work with several fashion and entertainment publications to create editorials and advertisements. After taking a nearly 5-year hiatus from the business, I’m excited to be back behind the camera building a new portfolio of work.


Photography in motion. At least that’s the way I approach it. My video clients usually choose to work with me because they appreciate my photographic style and want to see that aesthetic translated into their project. My video work ranges from music videos to corporate interviews, and could be used for stylized promos or short films.


Design is everything. It weaves throughout the very fabric of our daily existence, from the way we dress and drive, to the way we communicate and understand. I’m very passionate about design, in all mediums, and I’m biased towards reduction and minimalism. Throughout my print and web work, I seek to eliminate clutter to increase efficacy and satisfaction.


This is where my passion for creativity and business begin to intersect. Your brand is much deeper than the logo you choose or the colors you rock with. It begins with your company’s purpose for existing and the promise you make to your customers. Through the process of developing a brand strategy, I determine the right personality your brand should take and translate that into visual language.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Marketing is the consistent, persistent, strategic and dynamic activity necessary to keep your company’s sales funnel full. I specialize in content and asset creation, giving you the visual arsenal you need to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to your business. I strongly recommend developing a sound strategy before employing any paid marketing efforts. Fortunately, my business partner has experience developing such strategies for billion dollar global brands.

Creative Consulting

Whether you need Creative Direction for a project you’re working on, or you’re looking to step out and launch a creative services business of your own, I’ve got years of experience providing practical and thoughtful advice.