I run, and help run, a few really cool companies. Read more about each of them below or visit our other websites to learn more


Branding & Marketing Agency

We specialize in marketing and brand strategy. We offer a range of services including: brand development, website design, marketing strategy and implementation.

We currently service small to medium sized businesses, government, and non-profit entities.

Cancer Awareness Organization

We know from firsthand experience that the fight with cancer is ongoing and affects the entire family.

We are determined to use the power of storytelling to motivate our warriors to keep fighting, and to educate the broader community to take a stance in the battle against this disease.

Video & Film Production

Our original goal was to create original content to tell stories with a business entertainment focus. Through the videos we produce, we aim to inspire, motivate, and teach those interested in business and entrepreneurship.

We’ve since expanded to develop interesting, client-initiated work when the right projects come along.

Freelance Photography

I still do some freelance stuff, but I’m trying to funnel more and more of those projects through the other companies listed here.

My availability for freelance work varies, but feel free to reach out to me to discuss your needs. If you’re interested in seeing some of my photography work, please click below.