I employ several of my creative talents to produce photography and design work for my clients to look as good as they are.




I have extensive experience as a freelance photographer, with an emphasis on fashion and lifestyle imagery. I can help you bring your products to life with my refreshing, youthful style.


If you're looking to brand your new venture, or freshen up your website or business card, my contemporary aesthetic can help you look more professional than ever.

A Fashion Movement. A Manly Aesthetic.


Contrapposto, the brainchild of Yancy Wilkinson and John Romano, became a collaborative exploration of men's style and counterculture. As the photographer and a creative contributor, I helped establish the tone and message of the brand through concept and photography. A composition of rugged environment, clean aesthetic, classic and modern fashion, with alternative style. Much of the photography was done with iPhone 5, and others with a Canon DSLR.



If Only My Dreams Came True


Woman. A marvelous creation of God. Beauty personified.

I feel fortunate to bear witness to her existence and capture her essence. Her love. Her sexuality. Her dreamlike qualities.


Be Bold.


I always enjoy working with my friend, and stylist, Kudzi Karidza. He always brings his unique vision and flavor to the shoots we collab on.

This time we got to work with model, Blake Ballard, to bring a selection from H&M to life. Blake's energy, matched with the vibrant fabric colors and artistic locale creates a story that speaks volumes.


Delicious Design


My friend's family own this amazing Vietnamese restaurant in downtown Atlanta, and they commissioned me to help revitalize the brand through photography, web, and print design.


Man's Best Friend Now Has Style


Designer and entrepreneur, Antonio Lewis, produces some of the most stylish dog collars known to man...and his best friend.

I had the pleasure of working together with the creative canine enthusiast to produce a lookbook for his new line of collars fashioned after the modern man's necktie.


Pattern on Pattern


Before leaving Atlanta, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Creative Director Darcie Adler and her dream team, The Spin Style Agency.

Darcie conceptualized a fashion composition of patterns layered on top of more patterns. The model, stylists, and artists involved were a joy to work with, making it very easy for me to make great photography.