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Creative Catalyst

If two words could ever describe someone, I think these two would come close to describing me.

They’re powerful words – both individually and as a cluster. The ability to generate something from nothing or to change what’s available into something greater is a magical feat, similar to alchemy. It’s always fascinated me, and I don’t take having those abilities for granted.

For decades, I’ve honed these skills. Now, I try to utilize my creativity to catalyze positive change within people and organizations.


Co-Founder of HUES Agency

HUES Agency is a creative firm that specializes in marketing, branding, and design. We have a unique approach to solving business problems through the development of strategy and effective communication. I currently serve as the creative director and as one of the founding principals.

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Co-Founder of Helping Us Each Succeed

Helping Us Each Succeed is an online learning community that serves as a platform for personal and business development for both aspiring and current entrepreneurs alike. In addition to being one of the founding members, I also serve as one of the group’s facilitators.

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Freelance Photographer

In my spare time, I enjoy working as a freelance photographer. I provide a wide array of services, including: wedding, event, portrait, headshot, fashion, beauty, food, advertising, corporate, and real estate. In some cases, I can provide video services as well.

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